Ecological approaches

Most cheap (or not!) candles are very often made of paraffin, a component obtained from petroleum, dangerous for your interior and responsible for certain diseases. For several years, there have been vegetable waxes which are natural, biodegradable and safe for the environment and your health!

But be careful, burning something (combustion) will always pollute your interior! This is why you should think about ventilating the rooms as soon as possible. Fragrances used in candles can also be harmful, which is why we choose them without CMR and phthalates.

What are our products made of?

Soy wax: Soy wax is natural, plant-based and biodegradable. It is also Vegan, GMO-free and does not emit toxic fumes. This one comes from Germany.

Perfumes: Fragrances without CMR and without phthalates or essential oils (mentioned by the abbreviations HE)

Wicks: The wicks are made of cotton

The diffusers: The perfume is mixed with an organic vegan solvent derived from renewable sources, thus offering an alternative to traditional petrochemical solvents. 100% vegetable glycerin, 100% biodegradable

What are our ecological approaches?

The future of our planet is the most important thing. We try to do our best to limit waste!

Labels: They are printed on recycled paper. They are biodegradable, vegan, and made without chlorine during the paper pulp bleaching process.

Compostable packing particles : These flakes protect candles when sending packages and are 100% biodegradable. You can put them in your compost or run them under water but the best is to reuse them!


Recovery box : The boxes that we receive when we order from suppliers are stored and reused as soon as possible.

Reuse of pots:

Don't know what to do with your empty Yoku pots? Do you have at least 5? You can of course send them back to us!

How ?

- Send an email to with a photo of the pots and give us your postal address.

- We send you a Bpost label (only for Belgium) for the return.

- To thank you, you also receive a -10% promo code valid for 1 month!