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Natural Abalone Shell

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Natural Abalone Shell

Abalone or Abalone shell is used in shamanic rituals for fumigation.

The shell of the abalone is a source of mystery because it is rocky and clear on the outside, beautiful and shiny on the inside.

All the indigenous nations of North America burn sage, cedar, sweetgrass and juniper as incense to purify the atmosphere in a place, around an object, or the energy of a person.

Traditionally, Native American incense is burned in an Abalone shell which is very beautiful, has holes to promote ventilation and, in addition, resists heat very well.

For some nations, she symbolizes the great Goddess of the Pacific Ocean.

In the purification process of fumigation, the four elements are represented:

The shell comes from water, the match that ignites is fire, the herbs and ashes are earth, and finally smoke, the air element.

Size: 12-14cm

*Sage sold separately.


Cire composée d’un mélange de cire de soja et cire de coco.

Sans OGM. Soja européen. Produite en France

Parfum de Grasse sans CMR et sans phtalates.

Mèche en coton

Etiquette en papier recyclé


Pot en verre ambré de 120ML/250ML - Couvercle en alu doré

Temps de diffusion : environ 20/40 heures

Dimensions du contenant :  Diam. 58mm - H 62mm / Diam. 70mm - H 90mm

Natural Abalone Shell
Natural Abalone Shell
Natural Abalone Shell
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