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White sage & lavender stick

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White sage & lavender

Bundle of white sage mixed with sprigs of lavender for a more complete aromatherapy.

Origin: California

Weight: 20g

Size: 10cm

California's native white sage is the most sought-after on the market. A bundle is made up of dried and rolled white sage leaves for optimal fumigation.

Native American white sage or California white sage (Salvia apiana) is a sacred plant to many Native American peoples of North America. It is mainly used for religious ceremonies, births and deaths.


The tradition of purifying the atmosphere with herbs, resins and dried flowers accompanies all cultures.
Fumigation is essentially an act of purification. During what we call the "smoke ceremony", we will burn white sage leaves and permeate our body, the room in which we are, and our spirit with its smoke. Its smoke is beneficial for unloading places from negative energies, purifying people or events, chasing away the “bad spirit” and attracting beneficial energies. The name sage comes from the Latin “salvare” which means “to heal”.

Over time, research has been able to explain some of the effects of smoke. For example, that smell is the only sense that never sleeps and is linked to emotions. Furthermore, it has been proven that an accumulation of positive ions in the air is harmful to health. In smoke, negative ions are produced, which have a beneficial effect on our mood, and alleviate certain conditions that develop in an environment where air quality is poor (asthma, allergies, nausea, headaches, etc.). .).


Here are all the steps and tips for a successful smoke ceremony.

Step 1: Obtain Native American white sage from California and an abalone shell receptacle, bowl or other container that resists heat well. Sit on a non-flammable surface. Abalone shell is widely used because its shape promotes good heat resistance and natural ventilation. She was traditionally associated with strong symbolism of the goddess of the Pacific Ocean.

Step 2: Light your sage, preferably with a match. Let your leaves burn for a few seconds and blow out the flame. Be careful, Burnt white sage leaves blow away quite easily. If you use a (denser) fumigation stick, let it burn a little longer before blowing it out. Caution: If you use a metal receptacle, be careful not to burn yourself if you need to move it.

Step 3: The use of white sage must be done in a well-ventilated area. Indoors, it is advisable to open one or more windows to create a draft. This allows the excess smoke and the famous positive ions or “bad spirits” to be evacuated with it. All you have to do is walk through each room and guide the smoke into every corner as you pass. After a few minutes, you should feel the energy changes.

Step 4 : To extinguish your stick while it burns, simply smother it with sand, crush it in its ashes or pass the end directly under water.


Cire composée d’un mélange de cire de soja et cire de coco.

Sans OGM. Soja européen. Produite en France

Parfum de Grasse sans CMR et sans phtalates.

Mèche en coton

Etiquette en papier recyclé


Pot en verre ambré de 120ML/250ML - Couvercle en alu doré

Temps de diffusion : environ 20/40 heures

Dimensions du contenant :  Diam. 58mm - H 62mm / Diam. 70mm - H 90mm

White sage & lavender stick
White sage & lavender stick
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